Friday, May 21, 2010

New Friend Friday, Tired Friday, Got alot to do Friday- take your pick

Well hello there,
I still have a lot to do today as far as gardening goes, I will never understand what kind of joy people get from pulling weeds, I hate- always have and always will!! But, I suppose if I want my yard to look nice I better get to it.

Olivia is super fussy and super clingy, don't get me wrong, I love cuddles just as much as the next mom but when you have to do dishes with one hand, well it's a little too much. I don't know if it's just a phase, or what because she is not teething. Oh well, I hope tomorrow will be better.

On the bright side of things, my most favorite show ever was on last night. Grey's Anatomy had their season finale and all I have to say is WHOA!!! I am not going to spoil anything for anyone but if you are a fan and have not watched it yet, stop whatever you are doing and go to to watch it right now. It will blow your mind away, the first hour is titled Sanctuary and the second hour is titled Death and all His Friends- that pretty much sums it up. I can't stop thinking about it, it's quite ridiculous actually how obsessed I am. I sat on the couch last night just bawling my eyes out, like I actually know these people on a first name basis. The hubba wubba was about to commit me, I am pretty sure of it.

I have been on weight watchers since Tuesday and so far so good I guess. I did get sucked into a few glasses of wine last night and had to dip into my extra points but I feel like I have been eating nothing but fish, vegetables, fruit, and rice- so I can't be doing too bad. I guess I will let you know when Tuesday comes around.

Thank God it's Friday because with that comes Friendly Friday and Trendy Treehouse Follow me Fridays. It is a great way to come across other great bloggers and hopefully gain some readers. Just click on the buttons to get there.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Do list a mile long

I have a to do list a mile long and between the housework and two babies I have no clue how i am going to get it done. I finally bought the remainder of our vegetable plants so I need to plant those and weed the garden. I also need to mow by the garden and move the picnic table, the hubba wubba is camping and I was hoping to surprise him and have it all done but instead I am blogging (damn you blogger for being so addictive).

I started weight watchers Tuesday night and so far I am doing good, I have been eating a ton of fruits and vegetables since they are 0 points and I feel like my energy has skyrocketed which is good because I was sorta in a slump. But I must admit the challenge will start tonight when the hubba wubba returns because he is a horrible influence, I am quite positive he puts a stick of butter on everything he cooks, then again that would explain why his cooking is delicious. So, I am really going to need to stand my ground and just ignore his offer to cook me shrimp scampi, I will also have to ignore his offer to make me a cocktail or fetch me a beer which is going to be really really hard!

On another note my daughter thinks she is a dog, and I have no idea where she learned this because even my dog does not think she is a dog. Olivia has been carrying toys around in her mouth while she crawls and walks around, someone please tell me it is just a phase, because while it is extremely adorable and cute, i don't want her to think she is a dog. I am worried about this you see because she has developed a taste for dog food and dog toys also, if I put everything up then I forget about the dog needing to eat and if I leave it down, the baby that thinks she's a dog will get into it.

My very first ever attempt at being a crafty DIY will take place soon, I have a bedside table that I am going to fix up so I will post pictures of that and of my garden once everything is done. I also have plans to turn a picture frame into an earring holder and when I find the blog that I got the idea from I will give credit where it's due. I am also really wanting to sew Olivia a dress for her first birthday, I have fallen in love with Amy Butler fabrics but I am having a hard time picking a semi-easy dress pattern, so if you have any ideas- you know where to leave them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

living in the past

I have been absent for a few days due to the crazy busy schedule I have led over the weekend. Between my mission to find cool stuff at garage sales (which didn't really happen), helping out with the Relay for Life garage sale for the team that I am on and the fact that my best friend ever from high school drove 12 hrs to visit me for 2 days- it has kept me on my toes.

I did however come across 3 elmo's for my daughter, a lot of cool books and a bedside table that I am going to redo. The garage sales were extremely lame though, so I hope they get better as summer goes by- finger's crosses!

We raised a lot of money at our Relay for life garage sale which is good, but it was a long day and I had to take my 9 mo daughter with me ( just try to put yourself in my shoes), and I got yelled at by a very rude old man. Olivia wanted to crawl around on the floor and it was nasty and I was freaking out about germs, and then everyone thought I was nuts for passing around hand sanitizer but seriously money is just plain gross! Everyone was touching it, then my daughter and the floor was gross and it just gives me the heeby jeebies!

The best thing of all though was that my friend Emma drove 12 hrs to come see me on Saturday and we had a great time. The hubba wubba even made us jello shots and we stayed out until last call Saturday night which I can't even remember staying out that late before, but then again maybe there is a reason I don't remember! Sunday, we took a nice drive around town, and took a walk, and we went fishing. It was just a great time, we have definitely mellowed out since our summer breaks spent floating on the lake with a bottle of rum in hand, those were good times but I think we might have killed a few brain cells- perhaps when we tried riding our bikes through the shallow end of the lake or cliff- diving into the lake, or scorching our skin for the perfect tan (yes, we both realized we are getting wrinkles now). While I will never forget the wild, fun, crazy times we have had together- this visit was just perfect and I think it says a lot about a friendship when you cannot see each other for almost 2 years and still pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat.