Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun summer projects for babies and young toddlers

So... a lot of these ideas are not just for summer time. They are however more suited for a 1 yr old give or take a few months, seeing as how my daughter is turning 10 mo old, I really want to open her eyes up to everything wonderful out there in this world starting now. I found the majority of these ideas at It is a wonderful blog full of great ideas for babies.

Sensory Play
  • a bucket of water and a paintbrush (how perfect is that for a baby in the summer)
  • non toxic finger paint on butcher paper
  • sandplay
  • musical instruments
  • homemade play dough or jello
  • reading books with vibrant pictures or interactive books
  • filling and dumping containers full of blocks, noodles, or crackers
  • singing nursery rhymes or even make up your own song about your baby
Anything that enhances and entices a baby's hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and seeing is going to be good and fun for them.

Pics of latest finished project

I found an old magazine rack/table at a garage sale with several layer of nasty mustard yellow paint on it and decided I needed a bedside table. The hubba wubba has always had one but I never got around to getting one, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a crafty DIY and made myself a table. After a lot of chipping, sanding and painting- I was finished!some sort of paper was glued on over the yellow paint, so I chipped that off....

Then I chipped the yellow paint off and revealed the wood which had some sort of design in it, but it was uneven so I sanded it down....

and painted it with a beautiful raspberry color which I liked because it's truly the only girl element in our bedroom (but I plan on slowly sneaking it in here and there)
The Girl Creative

Yep, It's Friday again!!! Unfortunately, the hubba wubba will be gone fishing for the weekend. That seems to be a common occurrence these days, but I have a fun BBQ to go to and plan on making an earring holder out of a picture frame. Fridays also mean New Friend Friday over at The Girl Creative which excites me because I always love meeting new bloggers and coming up with new craft and DIY ideas.

I am super excited at some killer deals that I got at a garage sale this morning! Two pairs of Gap jeans for $4 and a nifty cat scratcher for $2 and of course I can't seem to stop buying my darling Olivia clothes!!! She has more clothes than me and the hubba wubba combined, I swear that is no lie!

I will post more later, seeing as how my child is screaming and won't take her nap but check back because I am going to be posting about fun activites for babies and young toddlers in the summer!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Cuddles, Baby Tantrums, and Dirty Diapers

Well hello- It has been almost a week since I have posted anything so I am sorry for being absent. It has just been super busy around here, I am on a Relay for Life team and we are cracking down to finish raising enough money to meet our goal, and thankfully we are almost there!

Olivia has changed so much in the last few weeks, she is attempting to walk, talk, and basically get into everything that she is not supposed too. She has also recently been the biggest cuddlebug ever which just melts my heart that she would much rather cuddle with me than play with giant mess of toys laying on the floor. I know every Mom can relate to that feeling- the one that lets you know that you are their special person, the one who will make everything better, the one that will love them no matter what, the one that they can go to for anything. It is an amazing feeling and while I cry everytime I have to pack away the clothes that don't fit her anymore, I also look forward to having an amazing relationship with my daughter as she grows older.

On the other hand, she is learning to protest which is sooooo frustrating, but I must admit it's also a tad cute when she stomps her feet or throws her food. It takes everything in me to not laugh at her because I don't want to encourage her bad behavior but it is absolutely hilarious that this tiny little 10 month old can have such a giant attitude chock full of sassy-ness.

Weight Watchers is going great, 2 weeks into it and almost 6 lbs down- and that was even after being bad during Memorial Day weekend. My new firepit was just begging me to make not one, but three smores!

Now onto the dirty diapers, I really want to switch over to cloth diapers and I know I sound like a broken record because I think I have asked this same thing before but I don't even know where to start. There are so many different options, prices, sizes, etc. and I would love to hear from someone who started using cloth diapers when their children were around 1 yr old. My research into the matter has led me to believe that there is a huge difference in buying cloth for a newborn as compared to an almost toddler. So, please comment if you have any information on CD.