Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing
I am about to start my first quilt, thanks to Fat Quarterly's Quilt Along

We're going to be making a quilt using the block in the picture above. One block, 80 times over for a quilt that finishes up at 44 x 55 inches. Perfect for a Christmas present for a little one, or baby shower gift, or just for snuggling under on the sofa.

Want the stats?...here we go;

You will need either 1 jelly roll


20 different FQs (you won't use all the fabric in the FQs, but 20 gives you a nice variety of colour/pattern) plus a 55cm cut or 3/4 of a yard cut.

*****Edit - if you want to make the bigger size 30 FQs should be plenty*******

(If you'd prefer a larger quilt, use 2 jelly rolls and end up with a quilt that measures 66 x 72 inches - you will need to make 156 blocks for the bigger size)

Here's the schedule for those of you that like to plan ahead...

Monday September 6th - cutting instructions (both jelly roll and FQ cutting instructions)

Monday September 13th - piecing

Monday September 20th - quilt top assembly

Monday September 27th - wrap up

Wow, 1 finished quilt  in 1 month.  That's more than I would get done on my own, so yes, I will be quilting right along.

Here is why I have felt so compelled to make a quilt recently.....
I love the colors of the adorable puff quilt at Sew Dang Cute!!


This fabulous inspiring quilt was made by Karrielyne from Freckled Whisy

You have to check her blog out, she has some fabulous quilts on there.

This work of art was made by Rachel of P.S. I Quilt and is also featured in the Moda Bake Shop.  I love the colors of this.


And of course Amy Butler's fabulous quilt designs- how can you not be inspired by that??


These can all found at her fantastic free patterns website.

I hope you enjoy all of this quilting eye candy and wish me luck as I quilt along with Fat Quartely.

Almost There

I am 3 followers away from 100!!!! I started blogging a few months ago as way to keep in touch with family and friends without being obnoxious on Facebook. haha- I never would have guessed that it would turn into this.... I have met amazing people, with amazing talents, and entered into a fantastic world that I never even knew existed.

clipart.com- image credit

I am also almost finished with an apron I have been sewing for a few weeks, maybe that will be my giveaway once I reach 100 followers. I am still brainstorming but I know that I want to do one.

I will post pics once it's done today or tomorrow, depending on how much I can accomplish.

Fabulous Finds by Nimbler Grove


That One Mom

Monday, August 30, 2010

I am linking up to these Monday Blog Parties.  Today is a fabulous day, it is very rainy, so I am sewing, blogging, and drinking a delicious cup of tea (thanks for the tea again Mom). I had a fabulous weekend haning out with my best friend from high school, my brother in law, and family.  We attended a fabulous fundraiser for "Race for the Cure" called "Bingo for Boobies". It was so much fun and turned out fabulous.


Head on over to "All the Weigh" and link up to Friend Makin' Monday's like I did.  It is such a fabulous post.
I loved answering these questions for the link up.

I like... rainy days that involve hot tea, naps, and a little bit of sewing  (p.s. that's what kind of day today is)

I don't like...when my husband falls asleep watching TV on the couch instead of cuddling with me in bed.

I love...Fall... everything about it- the weather, the colors, the smell, the activities, the food...EVERTHING!

I dream of...my life in 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 25 yrs.

I wonder...what Olivia (my 1yr old daughter) will be like when she grows up.

I know...that I need to live closer to family.

I went... to a "Race For The Cure" fundraiser this weekend and had a blast and also met up with my best friend from high school!!

I have...a lot of packing to do in the next few weeks.

I think...about the past, and future a lot.

I plan...to go back to school for my Early Childhood Education degree within the next year.

I regret...my high school and college grades and attendance.

I do ... Love sewing- even though I am new at it and not fantastic.

I drink...wheat beer and gin and tonics when I am in the mood.

I wish...I had money to fix my car.

I am...at a fork in the road with my life and don't know which way to go.

I am not...a perfect Mom but I sure am trying.

I need...to start working out again.

I graduated...from high school, and some college.

I hope...that I can grow old with my husband.

I want...to live closer to family, and to be an excellent seamstress.

I sometimes...snort when I laugh.

I always...hug and kiss my family. (dog included)

I can... sing pretty well.

I work...at home as a homemaker.

I cannot...skip.. I broke my ankle in high school and have not been able to since then.

I avoid...crowd... I am majorly introverted.

I will...live a long healthy, happy successful life with my husband by my side watching our children grow up.

P.S.  Once I reach 100 followers I will be doing a giveaway.... I am thinking something sewn by me... something cute, fun, and useful.