Friday, June 11, 2010

In a Funk

I have been in a funk the last few days- it might be due to the fact that it is the middle of June and only 50 degrees out or it might be due to the fact that I am so sick of stressing about the future and about our horrible bout of luck with cars or lack of. We have been informed that my hubba wubba did not get the job back home (which we are not all that bummed about) but now it leaves us with the house hunting and house buying process here. (kind of scared but excited to have something of our own)

My Subaru is still broke, and still needs an engine (which we do not have all the money for) and the hubba wubba's vehicle is on the fritz- and unfortunately the car buying process is far more stressful to me than buying a house. Mainly because the banks have no problem giving us a mortgage but god freaking forbid if we need $10,000 for a vehicle. Then they want a co signer and everything. They say we don't have enough established credit, but they also never give us the oppurtunity to obtain some so I don't know what in the hell they think we should do. (especially in the middle of Montana)

On the bright side of things, I am babysitting 3 pre-teens today and we are making cupcakes and frosting thanks to the wonderful recipes at A Cuppy Cake Life. I absolutely love all the delicous ideas shown there. The funny part is that the kids do not know that I replace the oil with applesauce to make them healthier. The hubba wubba and I will be making rhubarb cupcakes soon from the fresh rhubarb in our backyard. (yea!!!)

How do you get out of your funks? I would love to hear from everyone, I am hoping these cupcakes will help with mine!!!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby on the move!

Yep, my little 10 month old Olivia is on the move- she is walking!!! I seriously can not keep up with her. She is cruising all over the place, making one mess after another. This is definitely a fun, but tiring age! I am trying all sorts of new activities with her, trying to expose her to new things- but she just doesn't seem to be interested unless it goes in her mouth, which I must say is not the best place for sidewalk chalk. Needless to say, I think I was jumping the gun a little bit on that one.

I am stuck in limbo and I hate it, the hubba wubba applied for a job back home that would move him up in the company and give him a pay raise. I am hesitant to admit that I am now sure if that's what I want to do. I would love to be near my family, but I feel like it has taken me until just now (1 1/2 yrs since we moved to our current town) to finally have a social life, friends, obligations, etc., etc. I am not so sure I want to start all over again, I am not friends with the same people I used to be friends with back home, so if we moved back, I would be starting from square 1 all over again. I also love where we live now, it is so cheap to live here, it's beautiful here with mountains and rivers everywhere, there is virtually no crime and an incredible school dept here.

Theses are pictures I took of the town where I live- It is so breath taking-ly gorgeous here!

I really just want to know what I need to plan for, I hate the "not knowing", and the hubba wubba still has not heard anything on the job since he applied- the job has been closed for application for over a week now! I am losing my mind stressing over this.

On a side note, I scored at the garage sales this week-
  • 2 pairs of Gap jeans for $4
  • huge play dough set with play dough toys $5
  • alphabet and number magnets $1
  • interactive play mat $1
  • steam carpet cleaner $20
  • 2 pairs of Jeans for Olivia .50 cents
  • awesome cat scratcher $2
  • 2 summer outfits for Olivia $2
  • set of thank you cards $1
total = $36.50

getting cool used new stuff = priceless!

Well that's all for now because I really need to get cleaning because I have cousins coming into town tomorrow, I will be back later though to post a recipe for my delicious whole wheat banana pancakes with strawberry topping! I just made them this morning and the hubba wubba even like them which says a lot because he hates it when I want pancakes for breakfast!