Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pouring My Heart Out

This is new to me, I have never participated in one of these but it sounds almost therapeutic. Don't you think?

There are a million topics right now that I could pour my heart out about, but I will try to keep from writing a freaking novel.

My biggest issue in life at the moment is that I absolutely hate where I am living right now.  It will be 2 yrs in December that we moved to this dinky little town in the middle of Montana. My husband transfered with Albertsons and got into a manager position, it was a good move for his career and we both wanted to try life away from where we had grown up.

Days before we were supposed to officially be in Montana, I had a surprise positive pregnancy test, we moved without telling anyone because we just wanted to get settled first.

Upon first impressions, it's a cute town with a lively Main St. and has the overall appearance to be a great place to raise your kids.  Although I missed my friends and family back home, I agreed to give it 1 yr before making any irrational decisions.  That 1 yr has come and gone, and I am more than ready to be closer to home. 

I have made no solid friendships here, I have not met any mothers with children the same age as my daughter whom I can have play dates with, and we have no support system here.  It is not feasible for me to go back to school here because of the cost of child care and travel involved with the school located here.

We don't want to move back home, but definantly closer, like 2 hours away closer instead of 12.  The town where we want to move has a great college, and a descent job market, along with the perks of small town living. (I am so not a city person)

All of this would be much more doable if we weren't having to put $3,000 into our cars at the moment. Hell, for that amount I could probably buy a better working car, which is pretty bad considering that our cars aren't bad, old, or misused vehicles. We are just having some rough patches, and I know that in a few months everything will (hopefully) start falling back into place.


  1. Oh, I so understand. Only we are living in my husband's hometown- but that is far from my family and my friends.

  2. Living away from family is SO hard, especially after you have kids. We were in Denver when I had my son, and most people would kill to live in Colorado, but I couldn't wait to get back to the East Coast. I totally understand how you feel.

  3. I remember when my oldest girl was a baby, I hated the town we lived in. It was this podunk town and I was so lonely. I'd never managed to make friends even though I tried. And I'm the kind that can converse with a statue. The moms in that town all knew each other and weren't interested in outsiders. I was so glad when we moved from there.

    I understand. I hope you get your wish soon.


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