Thursday, October 14, 2010






Please tell me that I am not the only one who experiences this while crafting away yet again another genius idea!?!?

Let me submit the evidence, and prove to you this FAIL. that I speak of.


This was my take on an owl hat for my daughter, it is also before I could stomach finishing the ears off because it is such a giant FAIL. that it simply belongs in the trash.

First off, I made the pattern just a tad to big on the sides, and a tad to small on length.  I also thought it would be fun to do a funky print, but I now believe it is in my best interest to stick to normal owl like patterns and colors.

Secondly, the applique is just God-awful.  I used interfacing with it and tried to stitch it on there, but it just looks sloppy. ( My applique is not great, I would appreciate ANY feedback)

Let me tell you a little secret......

Are you listening closely??

All right, I have committed myself to making only handmade presents for Christmas and I am in dire need of a sewing tutor, or mentor. I realize that in the blogging world that means it would not be in person, but I am so new to this, and there is no one where I live to help me.  I have asked the (only) quilting store around here, and have not gotten much help.  I really want to be a great seamstress, but I feel like I am just failing miserably at it.  I need some help, so please if there is anyone out there willing to take me on, I promise to try my hardest, and be great.  : )

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some caremeled apples, and an easy butternut squash pizza!  YUM!


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