Monday, May 24, 2010

I like change

I have always seen change as a good thing, which you would be able to tell if you saw how often I rotated my toenail and hair colors. Well, not so much anymore since I am busy chasing around a mischievous 9 month old but back in the day, my hair was pretty freaking awesome. I am thinking of going super blonde this time but I am undecided, but that is not the reason I am on the subject of change. (sorry I got sidetracked)

The hubba wubba is applying for a better position within the company he works for and it would be located right where we came from, the place we grew up and call home, the place that houses our daughter's 3 sets of grandparents, the place that we met and fell in love, the place we love to camp, hunt, and fish- so on and so forth, I think you get the point. It would be a pay raise, and I could go back to the college that I love so much and finally finish my degree. So, I am seriously hoping he gets this job so I can finally have some family and babysitters (aka- the grandparents). I like change, and I think this would be a good change so keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Olivia is also changing so much, she almost (gasp!!) 10 months old and is starting to stand on her own and trying to walk. Lately she points at everything she wants and tries to say "kitty cat", "cheese", and mama and dada. I can't believe she is almost 1 yr old, time flies when they are so young. There are a few instances that typically occur in life that remind me that no matter how many times someone tells you, you will never understand until you are there. This is one of those instances, my parent's always used to tell me how it seemed like just yesterday that they were bringing me home from the hospital- I used to blow them off like "whatever, I am ___yrs old, I am almost an adult."

Now, I know what they mean. I look back and it feels like yesterday that I was just making mud pies, or it was just yesterday that I got a car, or it was just yesterday that I graduated highschool even though I'm pretty sure it was light yrs ago. I am doing my best to document every moment of it I can and to never forget her childhood, and yes I will tell her on every single birthday that it feels like just yesterday I held her in my arms and hugged, kissed, and smelled every crevice of her little newborn body. She will understand someday when it's her turn, but until then she will just tell me "whatever".

Tomorrow is weigh in time at weight watchers and I am a little nervous although I think I have been doing good. I must give a big shout out to the hubba wubba for his cooperation with my newly adapted eating and drinking habits, he has been so supportive and has been cooking so healthy (yes, he cook and I don't). Dear Hubba wubba, you must be warned that I will be mad if you lose more weight than I do in the process- so keep on snacking at work and stop pretending like you are trying to eat healthy like me- you have been warned!!!
I will update tomorrow if my efforts on Weight Watchers have been rewarded.


  1. you are so smart to not take a minute of your sweet Olivia for granted.

    My husband has lost 30 pounds. I work out. I am the disciplined eater. He does none of that and it just melts right off. So not fair, how men can do that.

    Hope your day got better.

  2. I really hope your husband gets this job!! Sounds like the perfect situation. :)

    I agree with time going by fast and not even realizing it until you're a parent too. I was also one of those kids who couldn't wait to be an adult and couldn't imagine being a baby. My poor parents! I hope Rosemary wants to be a child who embraces being young while she is young. Fingers crossed our babies don't grow TOO fast!

    Hope the weigh in went well!

  3. Joann, It is so not fair how they can just lose 10 lbs in a day if they want to but there are things we can do that they can't. For instance, we can flirt to get out of a ticket- and I am not ashamed to admit that I have. lol

    Christine, my fingers are crossed also. I want her to have a long childhood.


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