Friday, May 21, 2010

New Friend Friday, Tired Friday, Got alot to do Friday- take your pick

Well hello there,
I still have a lot to do today as far as gardening goes, I will never understand what kind of joy people get from pulling weeds, I hate- always have and always will!! But, I suppose if I want my yard to look nice I better get to it.

Olivia is super fussy and super clingy, don't get me wrong, I love cuddles just as much as the next mom but when you have to do dishes with one hand, well it's a little too much. I don't know if it's just a phase, or what because she is not teething. Oh well, I hope tomorrow will be better.

On the bright side of things, my most favorite show ever was on last night. Grey's Anatomy had their season finale and all I have to say is WHOA!!! I am not going to spoil anything for anyone but if you are a fan and have not watched it yet, stop whatever you are doing and go to to watch it right now. It will blow your mind away, the first hour is titled Sanctuary and the second hour is titled Death and all His Friends- that pretty much sums it up. I can't stop thinking about it, it's quite ridiculous actually how obsessed I am. I sat on the couch last night just bawling my eyes out, like I actually know these people on a first name basis. The hubba wubba was about to commit me, I am pretty sure of it.

I have been on weight watchers since Tuesday and so far so good I guess. I did get sucked into a few glasses of wine last night and had to dip into my extra points but I feel like I have been eating nothing but fish, vegetables, fruit, and rice- so I can't be doing too bad. I guess I will let you know when Tuesday comes around.

Thank God it's Friday because with that comes Friendly Friday and Trendy Treehouse Follow me Fridays. It is a great way to come across other great bloggers and hopefully gain some readers. Just click on the buttons to get there.
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  1. Stopping by and following from New Friend Friday!
    I'm not a fan of weeding at all either and I've never watched G.A. but I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    All my friends were talking about it all night on facebook and twitter.

    My blog is about me learning how to make my house/apartment a home so I was super excited when i saw your blog title. Hopefully you'll be an inspiration to me!

  2. Hi there< I am an new friend, also very tired, but from the Mentalist watching last night and the business meeting that was after hours. Haven't seen Grey's in awhile but I bet I can catch up over the summer. Yeah!
    I am now following you
    Come over for a visit..

  3. I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow, come follow me too!

  4. I found you through New Friend Friday and really like your blog. Hope your daughter gets less clingy.

  5. You are the second person saying this about grey's . Have to see in now. LOL.
    OH babies and holding, yep, i know all about it :)
    Happy new friend Friday!
    Following you, come follow me too.

  6. Hi Trista, I'm lagging behind from the Friday follow blog hop and I'm your newest follower. I completely get being tired of a diet after a while - smile. Anyway I hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too? Can't have too many blogging buddies if you ask me. Thanks!


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