Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Woo Hoo!!! I am on my way to being SKINNY!!

Not that being skinny is what matters because just being healthy is enough for me, but I have always had a very large, muscular frame. I was never the tiny girl who could wear anything. I have boobs and I have a butt and I have hips, but I would love to be smaller. One week ago, I started weight watchers. I weighed in on Tuesday and I am down almost 4lbs in one week. I am so excited about this! I have learned a lot in the last week about myself and my eating habits. For one, I never realized just how big my portions were, I now measure and stop myself after 1 serving and evaluate how I feel after that. Second of all, I never noticed how I ate out of pure boredom. As a stay at home mommy to an almost 10 month old, I realized just how often I would snack on whatever she was eating and when I was bored, I would immediately go to the kitchen to solve my boredom issue. I have been getting outside a lot more and taking ms. Olivia to the park and going for walks, which really keeps me from getting bored and being stuck inside.

If you are interested in weight watchers, click here.

disclaimer: The opinions in this blog about weight watchers are solely my own and I have not been asked or paid to say anything about the company.


  1. Good for you! I've been debating on WW for a while. I've heard how well it works from a lot of people. Do you go to the meetings or just do the online part of it? My DH thinks it's a big expensive but I bet if he knew how well it worked he might budge a bit :)

  2. Christy- It is so worth the money. I only pay $12 a week and I go to the meetings so that I can weigh in on their scale- I am in my second week and down almost 6 lbs.


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