Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just That Kind of Mood

Only Parent Chronicles

You my friends, are about to get a sticky note novel!

Aren't you excited??

Superstickies picture

Superstickies picture

Superstickies picture

Superstickies picture  

  In case you were wondering what a vino scooter is, this is our current means of transportation. My car needs a new engine, we have the means to pay for that- just need to find one, and my hubbys car needs a new fuel pump.  Long story short in the sticky note novel. :)

Superstickies picture

Superstickies picture

This song totally sums my mood up for the day.  They are a fabulous band called Mumford and Sons!

I hope you enjoyed the song :)


  1. Winter in Montana without a car! Now that sounds daunting.

    We have that same scooter! My girls love it. Every once and awhile, my hubs will trek up to the grocery store, just a mile away, on the scooter.

    Oh and Mumford and Sons is a fantastic band! A few posts ago, I dedicated the song, "Little Lion Man" to one of my best blogging friends, Cheeseboy. We share a love for all things Mumford and Sons. It's a great group and if they keep up the good music, big things are surely coming their way.


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