Friday, June 4, 2010

The Girl Creative

Yep, It's Friday again!!! Unfortunately, the hubba wubba will be gone fishing for the weekend. That seems to be a common occurrence these days, but I have a fun BBQ to go to and plan on making an earring holder out of a picture frame. Fridays also mean New Friend Friday over at The Girl Creative which excites me because I always love meeting new bloggers and coming up with new craft and DIY ideas.

I am super excited at some killer deals that I got at a garage sale this morning! Two pairs of Gap jeans for $4 and a nifty cat scratcher for $2 and of course I can't seem to stop buying my darling Olivia clothes!!! She has more clothes than me and the hubba wubba combined, I swear that is no lie!

I will post more later, seeing as how my child is screaming and won't take her nap but check back because I am going to be posting about fun activites for babies and young toddlers in the summer!!

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