Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

Well, I can not believe it has been over 1 week since I posted anything.  I am sorry, it has been crazy busy with me working 2 jobs. I babysit during the day and work at a local pizza joint at night (which by the way has the best pizza ever)

Some crazy things have happened-

Our car finally was "fixed" after almost 2 months of sitting at the mechanics.  I had been getting more furious by the day as the the weeks progressed.  Why the quotations you ask, well, the mechanic did not even have to fix it, nor did he charge us a dime.  Several weeks ago, he did the diagnostics on the vehicle and confirmed that no gas was getting to the gas line, so I ordered a fuel pump and when he went to go put it in, the car started right up.

This would not be such a big deal except that we have been with out a car for several weeks, and then all of the sudden it's not broke anymore. Who know how long it had been sitting there, ready to drive, and meanwhile we are riding around town on our vespa. What the hell?? So now I have a $160 fuel pump, and a car that is all sorts persnickety. Fabulous!

My Subaru is finally in the shop because it needs a new engine we are thinking?!?! Wouldn't it be fabulous if it just started working!!

Today is full of sewing as I finish up Olivia's cupcake costume and my Pez dispenser costume. This should be fun!  I will post pics once they are finished but just to give you an idea, this is where my cupcake inspiration came from... Lemon Tree Creations and Pottery Barn Kids

This afternoon will be filled with pumpkin carving and lots of it, my hubby decided that he absolutely needed this giant 40 lb. pumpkin?!?!  I have never seen such a big pumpkin  : )

Well I have a lot of stuff to finish today, but I will be back with updates and pictures, but until then please enjoy my new favorite song by the ever so fabulous Taylor Swift. I am in heaven now that her new album is out, it is her best ever, and I have so much respect for her for writing all of her own songs, being true to herself, and always holding herself up with so much class despite people always trying to bring her down.

This song is pretty similar to how things have progressed through the years with me and the hubby. I love this song as well as "Never Grow Up" but there was no video yet that I could find.


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