Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How a bad day turned good :)

So Olivia is still trying to get these 2 teeth through and they are just torturing her so she has been miss grumpy pants today and who can blame her, but it's definitely making things rough. Then she face planted it on the hard kitchen floor today and the poor thing cried so hard she could hardly breathe ( you know that cry that just breaks your heart) Thank God nothing was seriously wrong with her, but she has definitely been having a bad day.
Then my half gallon of milk spilled everywhere in the fridge, so I had to clean that out, all while my child, and the boy I babysit created a disaster area in the living room so Yea- I get to go clean that now.

But then, I get on here and found I received my first blogging award EVER!!!

Versatile Blogger Award!

The Rules for the award are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! (in no particular order...)

4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So I would really like to thank Iheartthesecrazykids at A Trio Of Boys. You have just made my day from bad to good!!

7 things about myself
  1. I don't cook (at least not very often)
  2. I am obsessed with the Dave Matthews Band
  3. I love to swim and am always the first to jump in the lake
  4. I really really want to be crafty and sew cute dresses and tutus and make hairbows and scrapbook, but I don't know where to start ( I guess I just need to do it)
  5. I hope someday the hubba wubba and I can own a restaurant
  6. I would have 7 kids if I had the money and resources
  7. I am the WORST dancer ever

The 15 Fabulous Bloggers who will now receive this award are (in no specific order):

  1. Crazy Daisy
  2. Laundry Hurts My Feelings
  3. Honey Pie Accessories ( I want to be as talented as her!)
  4. The Cottage Home (also because I want to be as talented as her and I want her house, I mean cottage)
  5. Theta Mom
  6. Love Actually
  7. The Girl Creative
  8. The Mommyologist
  9. As The Forest[e] Grows
  10. Moo Moo Mama
  11. This Mama Rocks
  12. The Chronicles of a Housewife
  13. Adventures in Diapering and Beyond
  14. Making the World Cuter
  15. Cupcake Dream

I hope everyone gets a chance to check out these really great blogs that I can't live without!!
Thanks again for the award A Trio of Boys

I can't resist adding a few pics I took the other day of my princess


  1. So glad I could make your day! I'd love to make cute dresses too, but I have no one to make them for. I'm hoping my aunt (who is the same age as me) has a girl this time around. It would be nice to own a restaurant. Since I was younger I've dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast. And you can't be the worst dancer...because I am. lol

  2. haha, no really I am the worst dancer!
    My daughter has in Uncle that is only 9 yrs older than her.

  3. Thanks for the award! It made my day. I've also had THE worst day, today and blogging makes me feel better.

  4. Glad I made you happy again! It was very exciting to get it! I can't wait to read all about who you give it to.

  5. Thank you so much Trista! I am honored, truly.

    And I betcha my hubby can beat you on the dancing thing. I have to close my eyes when we're dancing together, just so I can keep the rhythm.

    Sorry about your bad day. Anything to do with spilled milk is the worst and I will cry over spilled milk because if you don't get every drop, the smell will never leave you.

    Thank you again, truly from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Thank you so much Trista, this is my first blogging award too!! So glad you came over to visit my Cottage Home :-). Thanks again!


  7. Came by from WW! Glad your day got better--congrats on your award :) My baby is teething least I think so. Seems she's been teething for about 4 months now though!


  8. Thank you!!! It's my very first award; i'm so thrilled to have it!!

  9. Thank you for the award Trista!! I've never received one and I am so excited to display it with pride!! This is such perfect timing since I am ready to get back into my's been way too long!

    I love your blog as well! I am looking forward to getting caught up on my reading as well!

    Thanks again!

  10. Milk spilled in the fridge is so frustrating! The only thing worse to spill in there is chicken juice (had that happen recently- ewww!). I feel the same way on the tutus and dresses and even halloween costumes- I'd love to make them for my kids, but it's just not going to be anytime soon.

    I hope the rest of your day went better. Thanks for the award!

  11. Thank you SO SO much for giving me this award!! You made my day!


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