Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Me

First things first, I am officially addicted to blogging- I think this is coolest way to document my life as a SAHM, and Olivia's milestones. But, I am also overwhelmed because of the amount of amazing people, amazing blogs, amazing recipes and crafts that I am coming across. How do you people keep it under control, if I don't stop soon I am going to be following like 400 freaking blogs!! Okay, that was an exaggeration but there are some amazing people out there do amazing things.

Poor Olivia just can't catch a break, she has 2 more teeth coming in, bringing the total count to 7 teeth all in less than 3 months which means mommy can't catch a break either but I am a huge fan of teething tablets. She is also trying to walk, she can walk along the couch and kitchen table bench pretty well, and I am pretty sure she could win a marathon just crawling. It makes my whole day when I turn around and find her following me around the house. She is almost sleeping through the night, Thank God! It is just absolutely amazing to watch her grow into this little person (personality and all). She talks all the time, I have absolutely no clue what spp, tff, and grb mean but she still tells me about them anyways. Her range of mobility is amazing as well as her strength, she can hold a squat position for quite some time while she plays with her little friend in his jumparoo. These are some of our professional pictures we had done around Easter time (thanks again Mom)

I started my first day(okay this is like my 3rd attempt at trying to complete all 30 days) of Jillian Micheals 30 day shred today and it kicked my butt as usual but I am hopeful that I can do it because I am desperate for results (see above picture and you will know why). Unfortunately one of my downfalls in life is that I am a major foodie and I love food. It doesn't help that the hubba wubba is trained to be a professional chef (he even knows how to make sushi and can make any recipe into his own). He is an excellent cook and does the majority of the cooking with me as his sou chef. We recently had some fresh caught catfish ( he is an excellent fisherman) and we decided to try a recipe out of one of our favorite books- A Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster-Burton. You have got to try this recipe. He says it lands in his top 10 favorite things to cook and eat which says a lot!!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday


  1. Ummmm . . . are we sisters, perhaps?

    I, too, am addicted to blogging. Lately, I have found all my time eaten away by blogging, commenting, replying to my commenters. I have got to find a strategy for balancing all this with my regular life because by tomorrow there won't be a clean bit of clothing left in my house.

    My oldest daughter, too, is named Olivia. And that Olivia of yours, is scrumptious! She is so beautiful! Enjoy that little doll. It goes so fast. My Olivia just finished her first year of college and I swear, she was your daughter's age, yesterday.

    My husband does all the cooking, too! He was raised by an Italian gourmet chef, so he is a marvelous cook. And his father was in the military, so they lived in Japan for a few years, and yes he rolls his own sushi, too.

    My sister and I were talking about this yesterday, the food thing. We both have friends who are ultra thin and barely eat and we both agree life's too short, not too enjoy it and food is such a huge part of the enjoyment. I say live a little.

    Everybody's talking about the shred! I'm going to have to go out and buy that tape. I need a good ass kicking.

    Sorry to be so long. I'm usually not. But, we just had so much in common, I had to comment!

  2. Beautiful pics! I love Olivia's smile. I have had the 30 Day Shred sitting here for months and haven't even done day 1. It would be nice to have someone to help motivate me through the 30 days. So if you want to be shred buddies I could start mine today also.

  3. Joann, I think we are long lost sister indeed. I promised myself I would do the laundry today and I am working on it. The shred is amazing, I will admit I did cuss Jillian out today just to get through it, it might only be 20 min. but she works you hard. By the way, you blog had me laughing so hard. You are a funny lady.

  4. I heart these crazy kids- Let's be shred buddies for sure. I look forward to sharing our 20 minutes of cussing jillian micheals out- together! Trust me, you will want to, but it really is a good workout. Thanks for visiting me.

  5. What are these teething tablets? My little guy just had tooth no. 3 come in and he was grumpy! I try to do all of my blogging/surfing during H's first nap of the day. Sometimes I'm able to start after he's eaten and its my breakfast time, but then again, some days I don't get to eat until he goes down. Just my .02 :) I also write my posts the night before after the boys are in bed. That has been tremendously helpful, as has planning out the posts. I don't do a full week at a time but usually 2 or 3 days worth. :) I'm actually ahead of myself for a bit this week. I don't have to think up a new post until Thursday's post this week! :)

    Good luck with the weight loss. Hubby and I are trying the Power 90 (boot camp) in a few weeks (he's starting a new job with a WONDERFUL new schedule!) and I'm hoping that it'll help us get into better shape. A friend of mine did Jillian's and she was happy with it, but I don't know if she stuck to it or not. Good Luck!!

  6. Cute pics! And the 30 Day Shred - you and me both girl. Here's to our skinny new bods! :)

  7. I have good things about the 30 day shred. Good luck to you! How lucky are you that your husband is a chef?!?!?!

    Your daughter is adorable.

  8. To Hell with Jillian! come work out with me Ill show how its done :))

  9. Hopefully soon enough we can be doing Zumba together if you no what I mean Tina!!!

  10. hello from ff and! I know how you feel about blogging! And I just learned about google reader last week, so I was taking twice as long to check all of my blogs. lol. You have a beautiful family!


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