Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's that time of the Year-- Back to School

I loved going back to school as a child with my freshly new notebooks and Lisa Frank folders (did I just age myself?) and my brand new backpack and lunch box.

The idea of new teachers, friends, classes, sports- it was always so exciting, and while my daughter is no where near being of school age yet, I thought I would throw together some really great back to school stuff that I have seen around lately.

First off, Lunch boxes- We all know that brown bagging it can be much cheaper, and healthier for your child, but something about a new, fun lunch box makes the kids really want to eat cold lunch at school.

Japanese Style Lunch Bag - Golden
Japanese style lunch bag- It's reversible and turns into a placemat!

Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote
I love the shape of this one.

Set of 3 Reusable Bags - Neapolitan - Tweet Tweet Pretty Bird
These are reusable snack and sandwich bags, how clever!!


12oz Klean Kanteen Water Bottle
What a fabulous reusable cup for the school year

[Smile Cat] Embroidered Applique Kids School Backpack / Outdoor Backpack (7.9*8.7*2.4)  
So adorable! I love the texture to this kids backpack.

Quad Pack
This looks like it would last for years. That is one heavy duty backpack


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