Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart--

I have not made up my mind about her, I can not decide if I like her or not. I watch her morning show once in a while, but I find her to be so rude and bossy to her guests on that show. It is quite irritating, she thinks she is the best thing to happen to this world since sliced bread, I am quite convinced of this.

However, I am in love with her Martha Stewart Living Magazine. She has the most fabulous recipes, photographs, and craft ideas in there. I highly suggest you subscribe to it.
I just love this bookshelf made out of a dish rack- I can already hear the spray paint calling my name.

The best way to keep the furniture and walls scribble free! I wonder if Martha really came up with this idea.

I want this in my kitchen! What a great way to remember everything.

This iconic woman, who knows about everything crafty, delicious, organized, clean, and garden related is inspiring to me. (I just wish she would take the ego down a notch or two.)

(disclaimer: I have not been paid, or asked to write about Martha Stewart or any of her ideas. I simply like her magazine and just wanted to show everyone why.)

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