Monday, September 6, 2010

Crafting away

I have spent the majority of my weekend crafting away. I made several flower clips for my beautiful daughter to put in her hair, and I made a project for my 1st guest post ever on the fantabulous blog by my blogger friend Heather over at Straight Stitches. I am not sure what day it will be posted this week, so I would love it if you could pop on over there sometime this week to see it.  You can find a little sneak peak right here of what I made.  I also bought supplies to make my first ever quilt- I am doing a quilt along this month with one of my favorite blogs- Fat Quarterly, and I bought supplies for a few Halloween/ fall themed projects for this month.

Are sick of all my links yet???

Let me show you the clips I made for my daughter and then we will get on with business...

Excuse my messy floor, I was too busy crafting.  (that was not a joke)

anyhow, when I get my camera up and running, I will take much better quality pics and put up a tutorial on my take of the flower hair bow.

Now on with the games,

I am linking up with Tuesday Tag Along today! 
Come join me in the partayy!!

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  1. I am so jealous that you are so creative!
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  2. I scrapbook so I totally know how expensive it can get! Eeks! PS How do you like your phone? I get to upgrade next January. PFT... By then they'll have come up with something that will really blow our minds and our wallets of course ;)
    Happy Tuesday!

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  4. Following you back from TTA! Have a great short week!

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  7. The bow looks so cute in her smooth, fine little baby hair! I especially like the pink and green color combo, too.


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