Monday, September 6, 2010

No more babies for a while

Hi ya'll!

At this moment I am reliving some moments that I am surprised to find I forgot about so quickly.  I am talking about the constant neediness and care that a newborn requires.  It was only 1 yr ago that I was in this position, how could I have forgot so quickly??  And, just for the record, it is not my newborn, I am babysitting her today and while she is cute, she cries an awful lot and needs burped after every feeding so her belly does not get upset and she requires so many diaper changes.

It's not that I have never been in this position before, it's just that I forgot about it. I am moving into the toddler years, I can just sit back and watch my child play, and talk, and discover.  My living room is no longer littered with pack n' plays or swings, or bottles, and blankets.  Life was starting to get easy, and then I offered to watch a new born.  What was I thinking???  I am sort of kidding, she is cute to cuddle and all but it definitely made me realize that I don't want another baby for a few years. I really am enjoying my one on one with my little toddler, and I don't want to sound mean, but I just don't feel like interrupting that time with another baby that constantly needs to eat, sleep, and poop.  Give it a few years and I am sure baby fever will be in full swing, but just not right now.

On a side note, please keep an eye this week for my first guest post ever!!! It will be on the ever fabulous blog Straight Stitches, written by Heather.  She has some amazing projects on there and is so down to earth.  I just love the friendships that come about in the blogging world!  I am not sure what day it will be on there this week, so keep a lookout for it on her blog.  I will give you just a little tease of what it's about-

that's just a little taste!

I also will be having a few projects coming up this week that I am super stoked about.  They are halloween/ fall themed and I can't wait to see the finished product.

I ran across this kick-ass thrift store (although it does sort of smell in there)  here and found a wreath that I am going to re-do.  Why you ask, well let me tell you why.  Here in my one horse town where I live, there is no such thing as Jo Ann's, Wal Mart, or craft stores in general.  So instead of going to the store and buying a foam wreath, I have to search out the thrift store, I am not really complaining, but I would prefer to go to Jo Ann's instead of just hoping there is something worth buying there to re-do, that's all.

I also found a way to use up all of my saved formula cans, I knew they would come in handy!!! Even better, it is a Halloween decoration, and involves spray paint!  I love myself a can of spray paint.

Have a great Labor Day everyone, and enjoy these cute pics of my "toddler".

Daddy's boots

Bath Time

Family time


sitting in her toy box reading! 
seriously cute!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site today. Love the baby post. They do keep you busy. Have a great day!


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